Welcome to Bloom Ranch


At the heart of all things we do at Bloom Ranch of Acton is our desire to grow healthy food – nourishing, tasty, nutrient-dense food -- for our customers. Our mission is guided by three primary philosophies: practicing permaculture, preserving the history of the ranch, and serving our community and customers.


We believe in permaculture. The term “permaculture” was coined by David Holmgren in 1978 and originally referred to “permanent agriculture”. “Permaculture is a system of agricultural and social design principles centered around simulating or directly utilizing the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems.” [source=Wikipedia].
Simply put, at Bloom Ranch we endeavor to work with, rather than against, nature. We plan to grow things that will flourish here, in our climate and in our soil. We will utilize our resources efficiently, economically and ecologically, in respect of our land, our community and our planet.


Bloom Ranch of Acton is a piece of California history. There are several unique and original buildings on the property, including the original homestead house, built by the Blum family in the 1890’s. The main farmhouse, whose construction began in 1912 and was completed in 1916, has already been repainted and is being preserved.
As we continue the preservation and rehabilitation work on the ranch, these and other buildings will be available for touring by our guests and (eventually) for overnight stays.


We are so fortunate to be a part of the Acton community. We are a resource for our neighbors, nourishing both mind and body. We are a place to bring the family, connect with friends, and just enjoy nature by walking through our orchards.
We want to continue the Blum family legacy of providing a destination where family memories are created and to start new traditions by hosting weddings and other events.


We have long believed in the importance of healthy food; and it seems like factory farming has made finding tasty, nutritious food more challenging and expensive.
Can’t we all taste the difference between a store-bought tomato and a home-grown tomato?
But when we first went to Blum Ranch, we realized they had developed a product that was truly unique – the peaches. We aren’t farmers, we don’t come from a history of growers. But after our first day exploring the ranch, we bought some peaches from Ms. Acton 1952 (Elizabeth [Blum] Billet) and went home.
A few days later we enjoyed our peaches for lunch. The peaches were spectacular, thanks to the way that the Blums have grown and picked their fruit for more than a century. At that moment we knew we would do our best to figure out a way to buy the farm and endeavor to continue the wonderful legacy that the Blum family started in the 1890’s and along the way satisfy our desire to grow healthy food.


Naming an historic ranch is no simple task. We chose the name Bloom Ranch of Acton to respect the legacy of the Blum family while symbolizing a new chapter for the ranch.
“Blum”, the family name, does not in fact rhyme with “numb” as many people believe; it is actually pronounced “bloom”.
For us, all of the things symbolized by the word “bloom” -- the state of having buds open; a glowing, healthy condition; to flourish or thrive; to achieve a state of healthful beauty and vigor; to change, grow, or develop fully -- seemed to capture what we hoped for at the ranch.


Well, first and foremost, lilacs. Lilacs have been a part of this ranch’s history and we are continuing this tradition. We have resurrected another ranch legacy by bringing bee hives back to the property so we can offer local honey.
Of course, we will continue growing those wonderful peaches along with other fruit such as plums, apples, prunes, olives, and pomegranates.
We are also excited to offer fresh eggs. Our first batch of chicks arrives in late April/early May and so eggs should be available in late summer!. We are revamping the farm store and will sell a variety of items produced by local artisans.


Please join us on this journey.
Stop in at the ranch and introduce yourselves -- we have enjoyed meeting many of you so far, and we are excited to meet more of you soon!
Warmly from The Bloom Ranch Family:
Chris, Barbara and Cate Ziegler (Owners)
Heather Puett (Events and Public Relations)